【Lunch Kaiseki】 13th Anniversary Kaiseki A Lunch All 6 items ⇒ 2300 yen

【Lunch Kaiseki】 13th Anniversary Kaiseki A Lunch All 6 items ⇒ 2300 yen

By using a coupon2300 yen

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  • 6items
  • 230persons

Popular lunch revolutionized drastically and appeared at a great price! It is a glowing course of chef's skill using "seasonal ingredients" and "local food ingredients" that you can enjoy with kaiseki.

Course menu

- Shinkinagi -

■ with earlier

■ Seasonal salad (homemade raw dressing)

■ Fukuroku two-tiered pile

【Ikunin】 Kumamoto "Seasonal vegetables" 7 point assortment / Japanese food · Soup · Sushi etc.

【2 heavy】 frayed cotton / soft boiled abalone and fertilized vegetables fired / tempura of seasonal vegetables

■ Dinner (refill)

■ incense pickles homemade seasonal vegetables pickles

We used luxuriously selected fresh and carefully selected ingredients purchased specially

Course dishes will be offered.

If you have any cuisine / ingredients you would like, please tell us at the time of booking.

※ In order to use the seasonal ingredients, the content of the dish may change.

In addition, the dishes may be different according to the number of people.

For details, please contact us.

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  • 【For a luxurious lunch ... Kaiseki of lunch】
    Affordable luxury Kaiseki A Lunch All 6 items ⇒ 2300 yen

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      Until the end of May, 2018

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