【Daily sitting course "pine"】 8 luxury items ⇒ 5000 yen

5000 Yen

※ Display price is without tax

  • 8items
  • 130persons
Reservation deadline
Visit of hope on the day until 21 pm

Kaiseki used luxuriously the seasonal materials above a notch.Even those who are not booked on the course can still be accepted on the day.

Course menu

- Shinkinagi -

【Appetizer】 Assorted seasonal appetizers

【Bowl objects】 Bowl and red chicken meatballs bowl

[Sari-ri] Seasonal on the season

【Baked goods】 Shrimp potatos and Wagyu beef noodle shrimp Prawn yellow powder Potato sweet potato

【Cookware】 abalone boiled beef shiitake mushroom

【Strong Relishes】 Boiled in a Noodle

【Food】 Nigiri sushi is red

【Sweet taste】 fruit

※ In order to use the material of the season, there are cases when the contents are changed by purchase.

We used luxuriously selected fresh and carefully selected ingredients purchased at the fee day

Course dishes will be offered.

If you have any cuisine / ingredients you would like, please tell us at the time of booking.

※ In order to use the seasonal ingredients, the content of the dish may change.

In addition, the dishes may be different according to the number of people.

For details, please contact us.

2018/05/19 update